Presidents Report

2003/2004 has had it hurdles. This year the committee has been hard working.
Deidre has been brilliant once again and I am sure does not have the word NO in her
vocabulary. With not having a secretary this year the work load on the committee
has been a lot heavier and many a time Deidre has been doing secretary’s duties as
well as her treasurer’s duties.
Bernie, as well as being our Qualified Coach, as usual is always there to glean
knowledge from, plus always willing to do extra things. Dianne has been a real gem
to me this year, just mention it to her and it is done. Des also has been one of our
better “Jack of all trades”, with Bruce & Jeff in there also willing to help. Then there is
Lex, Well, as you know Lex is behind most things that have going on over the last
couple of years, though I am starting to wise up to him. He is the one who comes up
the ideas then makes me fire the bullets. So my Big Thanks to the Committee.
Feeling a little heavy in heart I was finding it difficult to think positively in this report
this year, as there was a lot we just never seemed to get organised, but when I
looked back over the year, I realised the year did have a lot of positives.
During the year we have held our usual events, 5, 10, and 15 km, foregoing the half
marathon in favour of people making their goal Cambridge to Hamilton.
Then again the beginning of this year we had our very successful Blueberry Run,
part of the Gallagher 3 series run, which once again has brought closer working
relationships with Road Runners and Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic.
This year saw the Clinic in its 25th year, which was noted by holding an OP Shop
Ball, which while was successful with in itself, numbers were low, which in turn
meant more of a financial drain on the Club.
One of the missions this year with the club had been to endorse the Clinic Values.
We now have a lot of our members in the new clinic singlet, so we are being seen
when we are out on the road, and everyone knows where we are from, plus the
enforcing of safety and NZ road rules. We need to be setting an example and doing
it right.
Our membership numbers have not had any growth, but on the other hand we have
not lost numbers over the last couple of years. One of the projects that had been on
the agenda for the year and did not get off the ground was a publicity campaign.
The main reason it not get underway was, I did not want to start it without back up,
and what we needed to be concentrating on was good group leader ship. Without
this, there seemed little point bringing in new members if we could not support them.
We started a leadership course this year, but it was not entirely successful, and has
needed more management and guidance to bring it up to speed. So hopefully this
year this can be achieved, along with the reissuing of the club Manual which has
been rewritten with Andy Galloway’s help. This is at present at the stage of being
checked out by a professional, to make sure we are not in a position to be liable for
We have over the last couple of years seen a big movement in numbers towards the
walkers and have among us those who are gaining pace and returning good times,
we are also getting walkers who can do a good pace but do not wish to be
competitive but are joining us for fun and company.
Our core group of runners has stayed stable with some of these still running
marathons, but there appears to be little interest in the others doing the shorter
We still seem to be able muster 1, 2 or 3 teams in the relay events like round Mount
Taranaki and Lake Taupo. Hamilton Marathon Club has always been strong in the
relay running and it is good to see this has not lessened.
I believe the club is very stable at present and I am comfortable in its present state to
pass it one to the new president for 2004. I would ask that you think about why you
joined the club, and how you can help grow and maintain what we have. I joined, as I
am sure many of you did for similar reasons, to get and stay fit, support,
companionship and friendship of fellow like-minded persons. I am now asking you to
return some of the support and knowledge you have received over the years back to
the club, and put yourself forward for a position on the committee. I know some of
you might have been there before, however it may be that you could be needed to
do another round.
The club cannot function successfully unless you the members are prepared to be
part of a Team. By being Sharing, Honest and Respectful, and by being respectful I
mean just because you don’t do something, do not put down another club member
for doing it. Unfortunately I hear this often from members, knocking others in what
they do. Just because you do not do it, or do it the same way, does not necessarily
make it wrong. Everyone is an individual.
I ask you once again to remember why you joined the Clinic and return to those
values. Which I am sure were similar to mine Support, Companionship and
Helen Kuck
Outgoing President, March 2004

What a great year it has been. My first year as president with a big learning curve for
Club News: I am pleased to see so many clinic uniforms being worn. Keep it up; it is
a good advertisement of the club. A big thank to Denise and helpers for organising
our Christmas trip to Raglan which could become our annual Christmas event.
Our trip to Blueberry Country in early January was an enjoyable morning where we
all went home with lots of blueberries after our barbecue. This too could become an
annual visit. Thank you to Helen and Deidre for organising the trip.
Members achievements: We had at least six members complete their first
marathon this year and a lot of other clinic members doing personal bests. Our own
club events were well attended as were other events around the country.
Fun runs: The Cambridge to Hamilton run and walk was very wet and cold and the
numbers of participants were well down.
One of the big success stories of 2005 was our Blueberry Fun Run and Walk as part
of the Gallagher series. A big thank you to all the committee members and the
helpers for a successful day.
Interclub event – Jago Cup: Congratulations to the clinic for winning both the
running and walking events for the Jago Cup competition with the Hamilton Road
Runners and the Te Awamutu Marathon Clinic. It makes all the difference when so
many members turn up and take part.
Strategic plan: Lex has filled me in with this progress of our strategic plan, the
Olsen Report of 2000. This year we have achieved a number of the medium term
• We have refined our mission statement to the point where we ‘promote fitness
among members through running and walking to the level where any member could,
if they wished, develop the capacity to complete a marathon.
• In 2004 we reached the target $20,000 sinking fund advised as necessary for
community organisations without property asset backing. This gives us a sustainable
core funding for clinic use, while providing an adequate hedge against unexpected
• We have retrieved a digital copy of the Hamilton Marathon Clinic Running and
Walking Guide. The incoming committee may consider updating and re-issuing this.
• We have undertaken some work with group leader training, but there does not
seem to be much enthusiasm for group running beyond the ad hoc set-up that we
now operate.
• The 2005 Ohaupo Blueberry Run demonstrated the value of investing our time and
money in publicity and promotion. The incoming committee may choose to pick up
this strategic objective.
Committee and helpers: And now the big thank yous. Helen, Deidre and Raewyn.
You have been a very big help to me when I was lost and nowhere to go. David,
thank you for doing all the advertising; it has helped greatly with all events.
- Kevin Vicary


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